First Game

So it was my good friend @draknek‘s birthday recently and him having made me a birthday game for the last few years I figured I should try the same.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 16.14.59

Meanwhile draknek’s most recent game is on steam today. You should check it out.


Off to celebrate the guaranteed riches I’ll make selling my new gaming/chat hybrid: WhatsFlapp


Happy Birthday Facebook

I sent Facebook a birthday cake. I think they liked it:


Well this exploded on twitter more then I thought it would..

Edit: Several months later and it’s still going…

Photo of the new iPad mini


Spot the Difference

Spot the Diffrence


James Cameron made his film; I made this:


As a writer you have to re-write. And often re-re-write. And sometimes re-re-re-write. And then you start to worry you’ve lost all that was good in the work and start a new idea. At least I do, which explains why A) I’m not a great writer. B) Why there arn’t many posts on this blog.

It also leads me to spend to long editing other things; I want to make it look/read/sound/work right. And at some point you have to say ‘this is finished’ – which is much easier with writing when there’s a deadline, but less structured things never seem quite done.

All of which is a round-about way of saying; I’m going to stop trying to play in photoshop with my photos and actually do something with them other then make a one of a kind screen saver.

I now have a flickr gallery here.

Turns out I write kinda funny…

No more success with Newsjack, but just discovered I had something in February’s Treason show! Barely remembered writing it, so found and re-read it. Somehow it  actually surprised me in places, and (not remembering it much) I found it reassuringly funny (if I say so myself).  I’m slightly concerned I couldn’t remember it; but I actually wrote it at the beginning of January, and have been writing 3~4 sketches for Newsjack for the last couple of weeks so it’s not that bad… right?

Anyway; I’ve put it on my sketch samples page and is about the January revelation of 944 police officers having criminal records.

It better come with double club-card points…

Just got my £50 iPad from tesco:

£50 iPad