iCartoon 3

The final and my favourite of the cartoons: Mervin King and the economy

iCartoon 2

The second of my iCartoon submissions; this on ‘Fox & Friend


So a few weeks ago, I drew some topical cartoons for a competition in the i; they didn’t get very far so shall be posting them here.

First is on the recent Clarke and May argument.


The Royal Wedding Extravaganza

Nothing to see here…

One could say Mubarak’s in de’ nile….

2009 Advent Cartoon Round Up.

So, as it turns out, there’s actually some big public holiday (or two) right after the end of advent, that makes it much harder to finish up cartoons if you’re more than slightly behind. Still, I’ve finished them all up, and all 24 cartoons are now present and correct (The last of the most recent batch are backdated slightly so they’re all at least in the right month/year, if not the right day).

I’ve also taken the time to re-export most of the previous posted cartoons at better settings, because I found what was making them ‘pixelly’.

All of the 2009 cartoons can now also be found here: Advent Cartoons 2009.

Day 24: Happy Christmas!

And Happy Christmas!

Day 23: Family Card

The Family Card

*Once again I should apologise to my family, none of whom look quite as odd as this picture may suggest.

Day 22: Silly Gifts

Silly Gifts

Day 21: An Amazon ‘Oliday

An Amazon 'Oliday