Day 20: Secret Sherlock Santa

Secret Sherlock Santa

Day 19: Elf Outfits

Elf Outfits

Day 18: Night Snow.

Night Snow.

Day 17: Christmas Tunes.

Christmasy 'Tunes'

Day 16: Thinking all Herod-y


Day 15: A Cavemans Christmas

Caveman's Christmas

Day 14: Hiding Presents.

Due to arguments between my laptop and my router, I’ve been remarkably unsuccessful in posting cartoons this week.

Still, here’s a massive bumper pack of days that get me nearer, but not right up to, date.

Hiding Presents.

Day 13: Eyes on the Pies

Eyes on the Pies

Day 12: Navigation Complications.

And with another one done, I’m up to date again.

Navigation Complications.

Day 11: Fatther Christmas.

Fatther Christmas.