First Game

So it was my good friend @draknek‘s birthday recently and him having made me a birthday game for the last few years I figured I should try the same.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 16.14.59

Meanwhile draknek’s most recent game is on steam today. You should check it out.


Off to celebrate the guaranteed riches I’ll make selling my new gaming/chat hybrid: WhatsFlapp


Happy Birthday Facebook

I sent Facebook a birthday cake. I think they liked it:


Well this exploded on twitter more then I thought it would..

Edit: Several months later and it’s still going…


As a writer you have to re-write. And often re-re-write. And sometimes re-re-re-write. And then you start to worry you’ve lost all that was good in the work and start a new idea. At least I do, which explains why A) I’m not a great writer. B) Why there arn’t many posts on this blog.

It also leads me to spend to long editing other things; I want to make it look/read/sound/work right. And at some point you have to say ‘this is finished’ – which is much easier with writing when there’s a deadline, but less structured things never seem quite done.

All of which is a round-about way of saying; I’m going to stop trying to play in photoshop with my photos and actually do something with them other then make a one of a kind screen saver.

I now have a flickr gallery here.

It better come with double club-card points…

Just got my £50 iPad from tesco:

£50 iPad

iCartoon 2

The second of my iCartoon submissions; this on ‘Fox & Friend

Is Sony’s admin password the Konami Code?

After this massive data breach of  the Playstation Network, Sony are really going to have to offer gamers something special to get them back on side:

hmm… maybe that won’t cut it…

(And seriously why has it taken Sony 6 days to mention people’s data might have been stolen? Did the hackers take the only copy of their customers contact info?)

Back online!

So with the last miscellaneous database issues sorted and a much more reliable and robust CSS system; this site is finally up and working! In almost all browsers too!

I’m sure there’s a couple of issues I’ve missed somewhere, but I’ve added new pages, uploaded new galleries, pictures and videos, and now I figure I can re-start the blogging.

Luckily I have a pre-chosen topic of posting more Advent cartoons; which should keep me posting for a while.

It’s nice to be back.