Turns out I write kinda funny…

No more success with Newsjack, but just discovered I had something in February’s Treason show! Barely remembered writing it, so found and re-read it. Somehow it  actually surprised me in places, and (not remembering it much) I found it reassuringly funny (if I say so myself).  I’m slightly concerned I couldn’t remember it; but I actually wrote it at the beginning of January, and have been writing 3~4 sketches for Newsjack for the last couple of weeks so it’s not that bad… right?

Anyway; I’ve put it on my sketch samples page and is about the January revelation of 944 police officers having criminal records.


In a uncharacteristic display of being early to the game, I got a sketch on the first episode of Series 6 of Newsjack last night. My bit’s a sketch about the diary of recent home prisoner Abu Qutada, and you can listen again/see my name in the credits here.

Who says you can’t write on your phone on a train?

It’s (not) Christmas!

This “Christmas comes early” news story found on the BBC just reminded me of a sketch I wrote for the South West scriptwriters Christmas show 2008. Just added the script  to my writing page, but you can download it directly here. (PDF)

More Writing

I’ve yet to put much writing up here, but you can listen to some of my writing via this weeks Newsjack.  (Click here and hit listen now for the iPlayer link.) It’s a topical show, so although it’s up until the end of Jan, it probably makes more sense listening sooner rather then later.

I’ll also take the time to mention there’s also a podcast option here which you can add to your itunes (or other better podcast software) so you never miss the show again.